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Quitza Scholarship

Tell us your idea to end the global tobacco epidemic and win $750

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Do you have an innovative idea to help end the global tobacco epidemic?

We are offering $750 every semester to those who think outside the box

The Problem

While there has been a slow and steady decline in the rate of smoking, it continues to be one of the biggest public health issues the world has ever seen.

Our Innovation

We think Quitza is great example of an innovative initiative to try and help people quit smoking. So now we ask - What would your "outside the box" idea be?

Your Innovation

We are looking for the most innovative ideas that could help play a part in reducing rates of tobacco use while staying within the realms of reality. (Full details below)


This is the year 2016. We have self driving cars, we have drones, we have sent a spaceship to Pluto. Yet still, 1.1 billion people on this planet are addicted to wrapping up toxic tobacco plant matter in paper, setting it on fire, and inhaling the toxic smoke it produces.

It kills one in five people.

This is an old problem. This is a serious problem. We need new solutions.

Here at Quitza we are all about tobacco cessation innovation. Quitzas social cessation application has helped thousands of smokers kick the habit. We believe that the way to achieve our dream of a tobacco free future is by thinking outside the box. By dreaming where others fear to tread.

We want to encourage innovation in the fight for a tobacco free future. We want you to start dreaming big about solutions to the biggest public health issue to have ever existed.

Tell us your idea. How would you innovate to help solve a small part of the global epidemic? Remember - Think big, think outside the box.

Points will be awarded for innovation and ingenuity.

But points will also be awarded for feasibility.

(We want you to dream big - but things like giant robots with water pistols soaking just lit cigarettes should probably be put to one side for this essay)

Spring 2017 Semester Application Deadline
Midnight December 14th 2016

You are eligible to participate if you are:

  • 18 years or older
  • A graduate or undergraduate student enrolled in a full time U.S Institution (territories are excluded)
  • An American citizen or lawful permanent resident, currently living in the USA

How To Participate

  • Write a essay between 1000 and 2000 words on your innovative idea that would in some way help end the global tobacco epidemic
  • The essay must be in English, grammatically correct, and written by yourself with proper citations and references
  • One person is only permitted to submit one essay.
  • Be sure to read the full rules and regulations to ensure you are compliant
  • Email a scanned copy of your completed application form along with your essay to
  • Winners will be notified by email no later than one week after the deadline

If you have any other questions about our scholarship, please get in contact with us using the email address below