Join us on our to quest end the tobacco epedmic. Complete our challenges. And win real rewards.
What Is The Quitza Quest?
It's no secret that here at Quitza we think the world would be much better off without tobacco.

It's crazy to think that in the year 2015 we have 3D printers, and hoverboards, and self driving cars and all manner of amazing things. But still, ONE BILLION people around the world are addicted to killing themselves by burning and inhaling toxic plant matter.

We think Quitzas social smoking cessation technology helps people free themselves from their addiction. So we are putting our money where our mouth is.

It's common knowledge that the first month of quitting smoking is the hardest. So we formulated three challenges (based on peer reviewed research) designed to strengthen three essential components of any quit attempt.

These challenges merge seamlessly with Quitzas existing social networking / progress tracking techonologies ensuring a user friendly and intuitive experience.

Now we think the challenges are tough, yet achievable. So as a little incentive we decided that if you complete them all - we will give you a reward of your choice from the list
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$20 Amazon Gift Card
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Challenge One - Daily Posts
People addicted to alcohol and drugs have been keeping journals as part of their recovery process for many years now. It's a tried, tested, and peer reviewed method that reduces the chance of relapse.

When people start writing down their experiences it works to reduces stress, and provides an effective way to vent off the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms.

If it works for hard drugs, could it work for smoking too?

We want you to type out your thoughts and share them with the community. You can rant, rave, laugh, cry, celebrate - whatever you like. Get it off your chest. The Quitza community is ready to listen.

You will find that after a few entries your posts become an excellent tool for preventing relapse. You can look back at them and see just how far you have come. When a intense craving hits you, look back at how hard the first few days were and remember how much you don't want to go through them again.

This is the most difficult of the challenges by far, but it is also the most rewarding and the most effective.

To complete this challenge you need to submit a post to the Quitza community about your quit every day, for 30 days.
Challenge Two - Share Your Progress
You will find no shortage of support from other members quitting on Quitza. In a few special places online, the kindness of strangers on the internet can be truly astounding.

While we are sure you will create new friends by interacting with the Quitza community - it's important to have the support of your real life friends and family too. They will be your cheerleaders, with you every step of the way.

To complete this challenge, share 5 of your Quitza achievements to Facebook or Twitter. This lets those closest to you know you are quitting smoking, and shows them how well you are doing.

The support you are sure to receive back from them is rocket fuel for willpower, and is invaluable for increasing your chances of quitting.
Challenge Three - The N.O.P.E Pledge
The daily N.O.P.E pledge is a tradition that has been around on smoking cessation forums for many years now.

It is a way for you to announce to the Quitza community that...

"I hereby pledge to not to take a single puff today. I will not smoke today, I will not smoke tomorrow, Not. One. Puff. Ever."
It's simple to sign, but our members it is surprisingly effective. Giving a little boost of willpower, and reconfirming to yourself your desire to quit every day.

However most importantly, it gives you a great sense of accountability to other Quitza members. Telling the community that just for today - you promise you will not let them down and smoke a cigarette.

(It's also strangely satisfying to click a big red button.)
So that's all there is to it! Easy right?
We are confident that if you complete all of these challenges you will find the first month of your quit just that little bit easier. It's not a magic bullet. To succeed your own willpower and determination are by far the most important factors. But we hope the quest will help you quit, and stay quit.

So what are you waiting for? Start the challenge today and earn your reward!

Good luck!