By countrymomma2

Why Am I Still.............

Why am I still having cravings after 4 months??? They will just hit me out of nowhere and they are SO bad that I actually want to go buy a pack and smoke a cigg. Please tell me this will go away!!!!!!
It will go away. That monkey will try to jump on your back but you’ll be free soon.
I have heard that around the fourth month, also known as “no mans land” is when lots of people fail. Your mind feels like all is good, all is under control, the addiction is done. But the addiction will rise up, out of no where, and try again to reel you back. Trudge thru, don’t give in, don’t give up. You got this! Four months is huge! Five and six are even bigger! Great job!
How are you doing countrymomma2? Did you make it over the hump on cravings? As I recall, about 6 months in I didn't have cravings (except once or twice a year passing craving at a party or something with smoking and drinking around). NOPE committment really made the difference for me and my spouse.