By bandwidow

I Think I Can I Think I Can I Think I Can

Well today seems to be going better than the last few days have so thats good. I do have to work today and thankfully we arereally slow this time of year so I dont anticipate as many employees. which means less smoking and less of a smoke smell coming from the smoke porch.  I got me a new app to help me track my water intake. I must say that I really must have been lagging on my water drinking because I thought i was drinking more or adequate since I had quit but apparently not. Oh well something else to work on at a later date. because right now I am still working on my quit. Don't get me wrong I will still drink my water but it is not my main priority at this moment in time. I am so over winter though. I went for a walk earlier to try to help combat one of my cravings and that only lasted about 5 minutes way too cold for that. I cant wait till it does warm up and I get tot go hiking again. It is going to feel so good not to have to stop for smoke breaks and because I am out of breath. I will be great to stop only if I feel the need to stop and enjoy nature. My trial run without the patch did not go too well so I think after this box of patches I might go ahead and try to step down. I probably should just use the patch program like it is intended but dont really know if I want to wear them for another 9 weeks. We will see. still swear by cinnomon gum that stuff is great still chewing about a pack a day. which is still better and cheaper than a pack a day smoking habit. I like my drives to work too. even though my first thought when i get in the car is where is my cig. and the drive is an hour long. I take that time to jam my radio and sing on the top of my lungs. Im just glad no one can hear me lol. but that also really helps and is a good exercise for my lungs. sinus infection seems to still be there today I am trying more homeopathic remedies at the moment like quitting smoking and using vapors and trying to put moisture back in the air from our dry heat. quitting smoking should help since I read that smoking can cause chronic sinus infection. well thats all for now see ya tomorrow.