By bandwidow

Ugggg Intense Craving Day Again

hello. i am back. 1 week quit and time for a mini celebration.  being quit for a week is a really big milestone for someone just starting out. heck im still celebrating daily that I did not smoke for that day. However I am having another bad craving day. I dont know why the day before yesterday and today seem like the worst days for me so far. It wasnt day one and two no it was so far day five and day seven where the cravings seem to be the worse for me anyway. I am still currently on step one of the patch and am still changing it regularly but the cravings have gotten more sever not sure what i should do with that. I have started crocheting again as a means to keep my mind and my hands busy. and have found a few patterns that I would like to buy with money i save from not smoking. cant wait to get them and start on them. one will be for my daughter, one each for my two best guy friends and one for myself. the two that I am currently working on are for my husband and my bestfriend. It has been years since i got to crochet but was something I decided to pick up to take my mind off cravings and it does help some. One of the biggest things I am saving up for though after i get my turtles cannister filter for her tank is getting my explorer fixed. that is going to be so exciting. I love that car I am going to try to clean it out really good before i send it off to the shop though because i have never been a nonsmoker in that car. maybe I should get some new airfreshionors for it too. I have not gotten drive that car since July and cannot wait to drive it again. still chewing cinnamon gum. going through about a pack a day but still rocking my quit even though today was bad. I will not smoke another puff ever not matter what.. because as much as my addicted mind tell myself that I only want one to get through this hard craving kind of day that one if i smoke today then the cravings will never lessen or go away and 2 I dont really want one just to get me through today I want them all. so no I will do this and I will make it at least today as a nonsmoker. I will tell myself the same thing tomorrow