By bandwidow

Just A Quitter On A Ramble About Nothing

So here I go with day 5. Today the struggle of addiction has been real tough. I have wanted to smoke so bad all day long. What I weird is that I have fairly easy days so far. Up to this point my cravings have not been that bad or really that many. But today uggg they have been so bad, So intense and so frequent. This has lasted pretty much all day long and like i stated today seemed to come from out of nowhere seeing how my first few days were alot easier. I however have remaind strong. I have kept my cinnanmon gum close by and have probably went through at least 2 packs today but that is alot cheaper than smoking. I have also reminded myself that I am awsome to have come this far and that I really do not want to have to start back over on day one. Or have to tell my friends and family that i relpased again. So today has been all about telling myself NOPE and reviewing my reasons for quitting. And my list of things I want to buy with the money I save from not smoking. Also deep breathing and drinking plenty of water. I actually got my recommended daily dose of water in today for the first ever time i can remember. And talking about deep breathing last night my husband out of the blue said he could really tell a differnece in my breathing that I was breathing deeper and slower whereas before I was breathing more shallow and faster. It is really nice when other people start noticing positive changes you are getting from quitting smoking. One of my quit apps said that my sense of smell has become more refined since I quit. I cannot really confirm that as i still have all the nasal congestion from where I had the flu but I am looking forward to it. I also seem to carry a chronic sinus infection I had for over a year and over 7 rounds of antibiotics. It finally went away the middle of last year and now seems to be back. I have read some research that cigarette smoking can cause chronic sinus infections so I am hoping for the best that with this quit when more of the toxins exit my body that my sinus infection will too. I am also ready for the head fog to lift too I mean what is up with that I feel soo dizzy most of the time and cant remeber anything it seems. oh well one day at a time I will get used to the new me.