By bandwidow

Onward To Day 4 Keep On Keeping On

Hello fellow quitters. I hope everyone is doing well today. I am doing pretty good. The headache seems to be gone now and the cough is mostly gone. when i do go into coughing fits it is at night when i am trying to go to sleep go figure. I am now waiting for my energy to come back as of right now all i want to do is sleep. I think i am finally over the flu now it just feels like a massive sinus infection. My first night back at work since my quit went really well. it was 18 degrees F last night where I work i was so glad that I did not have to go out on the smoke porch to get my fixed. Instead I opted to take my breaks and my lunch in one of the big linen closets we have since they are still working on our employee lounge. but either way i stayed worm and inside. I do have to say i kind of missed talking to my smoke buddies on the porch but oh well i need this. My todays reason for quitting is my pets secondhand smoke is really harmful to pets as well as to humans and can cause respiratory issues and cancer in pets. I own alot of pets too. I have 3 dogs 3 cats, 1 rabbit, 1 turtle, 2 leopord geckos, and 2 bearded dragons.  I love all my pets dearly and would be totaly devistated is they got sick because of something i did. I keep telling myself that i might get a ball python and setup later this year with the money I saved from not smoking.  I really want a pied ball python and those are generally more expensive. I noticed yesterday that my need to chew gum has lessened but still go through about a pack of cinammon gum per day. another thing that i found out yesterday that really helped me was changing my routine like yesterday morning I layed in bed and read for about 30 minutes before i got up for the day. before as soon as my eyes opened i was out of bed and downstiars to smoke that first cigarette of the day. also the lunch thing at work normally i would have sat on the smoke porch for my entire lunch just so i could sit and take a break instead i stayed inside and  still sat. even though i had to sit on the floor it was carpeted and it was nice and calm and quiet.  that is it for today more tomorrow.