By bandwidow

Day 2 Is Complete Bring On Day 3

onward. day 2 is in the books and day  three is starting. i still have a stronger desire to not smoke than i do to smoke. I just have to remind myself this every now and then. I also tell myself that a craving is not a command to smoke and that if I just let it pass it will go away. Already my cravings seem to be getting shorter and fewer and for that I am glad. However my body and brain is still missing the nicotine and is reminding me of this in the way of withdrawl symptoms like anxiety and a headache. I have increased my water intake which seems to help with the cravings and with the cough. my cough seems really bad at night when i go to bed.  but that could also be reminents of the flu since i feel much better with that today as well. I know they tell you to stay away from smokers till you are really strong enough to say no but i had to make myself strong enough from the beginning. my mom smokes and i go see her everyday. Also at work since i work nightshift and the cafeteria is closed the only place to sit down and take a break is on the smoker porch which is the only place to sit and eat also. today is actually my first day back to work with this quit. but i can do it.  I did talk to HR about not having a place for non smokers and people trying to quit smoking to sit and take a break or eat dinner excpt to be subject to second had smoke and they actually listend to what i said and are taking one of our big storage closets and turning it into a break room. this was after they tried to tell me i could take a break in the the locker room and i was like yeah who wants to eat in the same room with showers in toilets do you eat in your bathroom i think not. some cravings are really bad still but not as many the first one in the morning for this i just chew gum which  tip from me cinnamon gum really really helps. Another bad craving that i have is right after dinner for this one i either pull out my trusty gum or go for walk. I walk alot anyways but when i am craving i try to power walk as far as i can to get the lungs going and so far my ppwer walking game is getting strong.  that is all for today see you guy tomorrow.