By bandwidow

Day One Complete Day Number 2 Underway

Well day number one is complete it has been much easier that the first day i had from my last quit. I seriously did learn about some techniqes that helped me this time around that and i only relapsed that one day and then started over. now i just need to let go of the past and the past quit and not dwell over it just used what i learned and move on and focus on this one which is my last one.  I have been coughing alot today i am not sure if it is because i am starting to get on the end stages of the flu or the nicotine leaving my lungs clearing themselves out againl.  either way i should feel better in a couple of days.  I also need to remember not to get too cocky about my ease with battling the cravings this time or i will convince myself that one puff wont hurt when we all know that it will. on leads to another and another and we all know if you buy a pack you must smoke the pack or you just wasted your money right. I am feeling a little light headed as well but that is to be expected considering it is no longer getting nicotine and is instead getting more oxygen. I wish i could say my energy levels were going up but with having the flu as well as the quit well as you can imagine i have been sleeping alot. I am still telling myself NOPE many many times a day and reminding myself of my reasons for quitting. especially the saving money portion. I think one of the first things i would like to purchase with my money saved is a new canister filter for my turtle. Her pump died earlier this week and i cant afford to get one so i am having to do daily water changes at this moment. I am putting my money i am saving in a jar and will apply that to her filter as well as some of my paycheck.  I also wanna get my bearded dragons bigger cages or at least the materails to build them new vivs. oh who am i kidding i have a whole list of things i wanna buy with the money i save from not smoking. and at $2000+ a year i should make a nice dent in my list by the end of the year. i really wish they would put this site as an app for my phone i love this site it is my favorite