By bandwidow

Quit Day One Again...Lets Do This Thing

 my name is Tina. i just relapsed after a 12 day quit. so my new date is today which is 01/07/2019 only one day after my relapse which was also just one day.  I am going to be using the patches since that was what i was using when i quit for the 12 days. I was unable to get a new box at that time and thought i could go it alone boy was i wrong. one day after the patch I relapsed. So i now have a new box of patches and i am ready to do this thing and the whole patch program. I have many reasons for quitting such as there are alot better things that i wold like to spend my money on. over 2,000 a year going towards poisoning myself. It souunds stuped just typing it out. I also felt much better when i had quit for the 12 days of course right now i have the flu but i am quite sure that smoking isnt helping matters much.  another reason i want to quit is because i want to be proud of myself. celebrate my milestones and feel accomplished. Another very good reason i want to quit and stay quit is my daughter. she is turning 15 which is the age i was when I started smoking. I am very glad that at the current moment she thinks smoking is gross and and really is my biggest cheerleader to quit. I am tired of disappointing her everytime i quit and go back quit and go back. well no more this is it. this is the one. another reason is that none of my friends smoke and we like to go on road trips. now i dont smoke in the car even though it is my car out of respect for them.  i think our outings would be much more enjoyable if i did not have to stop every hour on the hour to fill up my nicotine stores,  I have learned alot from my previous quit like what works and what does not work and some things to try this time.  so far i have thrown out all my lighters and ashtrays. washed my jacket so that it does not have that cigarette smoke smell and took a shower after the last cigarette i smoked.  i really need to tackle the smell in my car but unsure how to do it since i do not have the money to have it detailed. maybe some fabreeze might just have to try it.  Happy quit everyone,