By dawnsie56301

I Quit 2 Years, 9 Months Ago...... YOU CAN DO THIS

I rarely log into this site anymore because I'm totally smoke free. I just wanted to stop by to see my progress and take a few minutes to let all of you newcomers know that quitting smoking is possible. My spouse still smokes and it doesn't even phase me.... other than i'm starting to hate hate hate the smell! Yuck. Anyway, you can do this....even if you feel you are alone in your journey, you can always come here and brag, vent, or just let it all out! We can all relate to the ups and downs of quitting smoking and everyone is so very encouraging!  Every milestone is a celebration.... whethere it's half a day, a week, month or years. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!
Same here, rarely log in, rarely have even a flicker of a craving. You can do this - and my main advice is NOPE. Don’t crack that door open with a drag on a night out or any budging. Soooo much simpler and easier that way.