By greenie

I Made It To My 1 Year Milestone!

So recently, well almost a month ago now, I reached my 1 Year quit milestone! 

I wasn't expecting it to be any big deal but it was. Reaching that goal was very special and pretty emotional as well which surprised me because I'm not one to celebrate Birthdays and stuff like that normally.

It is a testament to what a challenging journey this quitting smoking thing can be. It can be difficult in the early stages - really difficult! Then, once you sort of have things under control the whole thing just gets a little tedious. You're no longer trying to crawl out of your skin every few minutes but those nagging urges are still there. Less frequent and not as strong as early in your quit but still there just trying to wear you down so you'll light up that one smoke. You know, just one to satisfy all the annoying voices in your head. To sooth that uncomfortable feeling you have. Don't do it! That's the dying voice of your addiction desperate to pull you back in. Laugh at it. Give it the middle finger! You're strong and it's dying out :)

 Somehow you don't really know what to do with yourself at times. Wait a minute ......
yeah! That's it!! That's the mental part you read about that takes a long time to get adjusted to. Of course!! It all makes sense now.

You smoked so many years and almost half your time was spent smoking, planning to smoke, gathering materials to smoke. Thinking and worrying about smoking. When and where could you smoke. Those looks from non-smokers when you were caught out there on your own willingly sucking poison into your lungs and not even caring that others were looking at you with pity. Oh yes! That WAS you but, now it's not. Yay!!! That's great right?

Well, yes of course it is! But somehow you are just not comfortable with the NEW YOU yet. Don't worry. Take heart that the new you will, with time, become as normal as the smoking you was. The smoking you didn't become totally comfortable overnight either way back then when you first started smoking. Now, you are reversing that deadly trajectory. Have faith. Stay strong. In no time, you will be completely comfortable as the new non-smoking you - it WILL happen if you just NOPE every day.
Congratulations! It's a journey that's well deserved. So happy we have reached that sweet spot where we have let that "junkie thinking" go. Free at last!
Congrats greenie👍