By shadow88fans

Good Morning Day 5 And NOPE

Good morning all this is a great day this is my first birthday in a long time I have woke up as a non smoker I deep cleaned the house yesterday so I can relax today . I have lunch plans with my best friend today but not sure what to do the rest of the day
I am feeling so much better going on day 5 just taking it day by day I set up my first goal I want to get a fly fishing kit and a pair of chest waders I love to trout fish and want to do some fly fishing
Love fishing trout especially Brookies :) Yes, it's always good to treat yourself as you progress through your quit. If you don't treat yourself, no one else will so .... go for it!!
Ummmm ..... forgot to add "You're doing Great! 5 days down - no turning back now!