By beachy001

My Goal Was To Give Myself A Year Of Non Smoking In Which I Could Start Again If I Wanted...

simply because I deserve a year off to take care of myself. 

Since I have just completed my first full year, I have decided to remain as a non smoker. I discovered that after the first year, the nicotine addiction had no hold on me and I have been experiencing the freedom of not having to feed the addiction. I remember when I used to smoke that I didn't like having to stand outside to smoke but I didn't have a choice, my body was grumpy all over if I didn't feed the addiction. I am so happy it's over now because I didn't think this day would ever come. Within this year, I have conquered the cravings, mastered the triggers, outsmarted the nicotine demon, and  nourished  my body back to health. I feel so much better and am thankful everyday that I can be a non smoker with such ease now.