By hercu

My 2 Year Quit Journey......!

To quit smoking was certainly one of the most difficult things I have done in my live…with the biggest continuous reward 
I have been in a war as a youngster, which was tough but not that bad because I survived…After that I worked in a gold mine underground… 2 km deep.. was difficult but enjoyed the daily challenges…
38 years later I decided to live the life I was granted as a youngster and quit smoking….. and “ BOOM “ back to earth….knocked down to my knees and suddenly know what Zig Zagler meant by saying: “There is no elevator to success , you need to take the stairs”….
Yes I crawled the first few floors up that steps.. Just making sure that I never slide back one step..Because I knew on step back will be the end and I will never have the energy or guts to reach the top !!!

As the saying goes.. “Change is hard in the beginning.. messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end” … In the beginning you crave, your body aches, you cough black phlegm, lose your mojo…you are moody , kick the dog..get road rage…snap at family…When al that is fairly overcome you get all that messy  rediscoveries… like smelling your morning visit to the bathroom …alleys with that overwhelming ammoniac smell….My kayak bait box….the old oil of Kentucky Fried Chicken..I never thought things can smell that bad…!!

And then comes the new life… Tasting food..Smelling the soil after rain…. the wild field flowers, the sea…My wife…
Not gasping for breath.. not sounding like an erupting Mount Edna when I cough…getting back my sparkle and mojo…….Gorgeous !!!!!

No I am not on top floor yet.. but strongly on my way…I can almost do double steps taking care not to slip and fall back..but the more steps I take the more balanced I get.
I am climbing daily… whether there is an end I don’t mind…. it is so nice and hope it continues 

I am not a quitter but to quit smoking was certainly the best thing I did in my life …I am now the CEO of my own life !!!!  
Congratulations! Thanks for sharing.
Well said!! Congratulations on 2 years!