By smokinjohn60

It's Been A While Since I Last Posted

Hi all, been a while since I logged in. Still smoke free.....9 months today. In the past 9 months I have grown to hate the smell of stale cigarette smoke. Especially smelling it on people in the supermarket, or many other public places. I do still get cravings, but they are very easy to manage now. My sense of smell is wonderful. This is the first spring for me since quitting. I was sitting in the park today and the fragrances of the season were heavenly. The trees, the flowers, the ocean, the grass, it was wonderful.  those of you who are just quitting, or in your first 6 months, stick with it, It does get easier. But I'm not going to lie, this WILL be the toughest thing that you've ever done, so be strong and prepare for it
Congratulation! The sense of smell is something that is really strong. I smell the smoke on people in stores and am grateful I no longer smell like smoke. I agree it does get easier, so just stick with it. It's quite the journey but well worth it.