By jgrebidue

Day Six And I Still Feel Great!

I am so excited!  I have only made it this far one other time and that was almost 20 years ago.  I usually cave the first day or so.  Nicotine lozenges have made all the difference this time around.  I haven't had any withdrawals because I am still getting nicotine but my cravings aren't bad either.  When I get further along, I will stop the lozenges, too.  Right now, I am enjoying breathing and am focusing on learning to live without smoking 30 cigarettes a day!
That's a GREAT accomplishment jgrebidue!! You are virtually through what they call "hell week"! That first week is a real roller coaster ride and something I don't want to have to do again! Getting through that first week gave me strength to get through the next couple of weeks. Every battle you fight & win makes you stronger to fight the next urge that comes along. Pretty soon, you are feeling a lot more confident and the urges to smoke again become fewer and easier to just push aside. Keep marching forward - you can do this!!