By lisaacstyle

Day 1 Learning Lessons - Oh Yeah DON't SMOKE (How Many Times Must I Learn)

I learned that smoking tastes gross.  Raises my heart rate to basically panic state and is not pleasant.  I did not smoke till 9pm and quickly realized why I wanted to quit.  The taste and experience were actually not pleasant when I had a pleasant day and was relaxed and aware of my body.  I got so much more done when I was not smoking.  All my cleaning and chores, got a massage, a mocha, it was a lovely day.  Breathed a whole bunch.  So much fresh breaths.  I really enjoyed breathing today.  The air smelled beautiful.  
I am only on Day 6 but the smell of smoke gags me now. My husband smokes a pipe in the house. I never smelled it before but now it is awful. Breathing the second hand smoke is not so wonderful, either! You can do this, Lisa! Hang in there!
Yes - there are so many benefits to not smoking.. You will find that you have a lot of time on your hand to fill because of all the time you used to spend not only actually smoking but planning everything around smoking. Making sure you have cigs. late in the day so you don't run out. wondering where and when you can smoke though the day. So many places you can't smoke now you have to plan where to go to get your fix. Travelling long distances is no longer a problem because you need to go somewhere for that smoke. Life truly does become easier without smokes. You just need to find a way to fill all the extra time productively now :)