By jgrebidue

On My Way To Freedom--Day 4

I am halfway through Day 4 and doing great!  I feel wonderful!  I can breathe.  My wheezing and hacking cough have stopped.  I haven't snored since I quit and I was even able to sing with ease at church yesterday morning!  I have had NO withdrawals and only mild cravings this time around--so different from my past quit attempts.  I feel strong and free!  We can do this!  Let's not smoke together today!
Nice job j :) Are you using a quit aid or cold turkey? Just curious as it's unusual to have no cravings day 4 from what I experienced anyway. Stay strong and always be on guard for that nicotine addiction!
I am using nicotine lozenges. This time is very different from my past attempts. In the past, I was miserable and had severe withdrawals and intense cravings for months, even with NRT. This time, my mindset is very different and it has been so much easier.