By ladyblue

A Confession I Feel I MUST Make

Im sorry to say I relapsed, I smoked for a week and I feel bad but Im getting up and getting back on this horse.
If theres anybody out there with some good advice for me or has had the same thing happen to them, Im all eyes here and will take your advice.
Keep with it, one day at a time. We learn on each relapse and begin to master the triggers and identify ways to cope. You'll do just fine.
Most of us have tried to quit multiple times. The important thing is to try again as you have. Are you doing cold turkey? Some people are good with that but others make more progress with one of the nicotine replacements. Keep at it.
You can do it! I have relapsed so many times I have lost count. We have to keep trying and we will get it.
I'm afraid there is no magic solution to this quitting smoking thing. It just comes down to wanting to quit more than wanting to smoke. Once you quit, you can not take one puff ever or you will be right back to where you were as a smoker. It's that simple. It's easy to say and hard to do. Once you truly realize that this is an addiction and smoking does nothing good for you. it will become easier to quit. Read all you can about the affects of smoking. Watch the dozens of videos on the internet about quitting. You will find inspiration there.