By oliscot

Day 32

Okay, time to put in my four hundred word post for the day. Looking forward too getting that amazon voucher and buying myself a good book to read, as I am out of good reading MATERIAL FOR NOW, AND READING CAN BE SUCH A GREAT A ESCAPE FROM EVERYTHING WHEN  YOU FIND A BOOK THAT GETS YOU TOTALLY  SUCKED INTO THE STORY.

 aNYWAYS HERE WE GO.  This isnt my first attempt to quit smoking. I have made several attempts to quit in the last deccade. Generally Ive seemed to go good for several months (maybe with the odd crafty cig or two when I have had a "fuck it all"day, or been at a party drinking, but nthen Ive always ended up back as a fulltime smoker by the end of the year. Ive tried patches (which made me illl), cold turkey, and thisd time around Im on champix, which seems to take the edge off any cravings, and stops the feel good feeling when II have smoked on it in the past.Today is day thirty two of this quit attempt. Surprisingly  I am actually feeling quite under control. The cravings are surprisingly mild for the most past so far. Generally I find them to be a slight itch and a thought that I wouldnt mind a ciggy. They tend to pass quite quickly, and I am getting them less often I think. So many pros to being a non smooker - there is much kless cleaning to do, Im not  constantly running out of money all the time because Ive spent eighty n bucks a week on vmy nicotine addiction. I am not wasting 5 minutes plus every hour feeding that hopeless addiction I had either.  Cant say I feel any better than I did as a smoker, still got little to no energy/motivation, but maybe thats my diet, which eill be my next challgenge. To bwe honest its not the increased lifespan thats masking me stop smoking, but the fact I dont wanrt to spend my last few years dealing with something horrid like emphysema or cancver. I also have a spinal injury, aand am trying to get as much recovery back as possible, smoking is going to hinder that big time. Im also over spending 80 bucks a week on an addiction that doesnt even make me feel that good, just normal. At least with other drugs people can argue that takeng them makes them feel wonderful,  smoking doesnt do that, so why do it?