By oliscot

Day 31 Of My Quit

Just found out (after a minth if dioing this quitza quest)in order to win the quitza reward  you have to put in daily post of four hundred bloody words GRRR!! So wasted a whole month of posting as posts werent long enufff  Love to know how Im mean to put I w ant/dont want a smoke into four hundred fuckin words! GRRR! Bloody ridiculous!  Well today has been 31 days smoke free Not really missing smoking that much aT ALL THOUGH.   I think Cravings pretty much gone, just odd thght tht wldnt mind a smoke sometimes. Even managed to hng around and have a few drinkss while a friend was smoking in front of me. It Sort of made me want one, but I didnt cave I have to actuaslly wasnt tht pleasent sitting with her as she insisted in puffing away with no thought to fact Id quit, and it stank! At least she smoked outside. Some catcvh up; though I watched movies in house while she sat in my yard smoking all night lol. Kept inviting her in, but she wldnt come in. AH well her losss lol. To be honest dont think shes really6 someone I want to keep around. Only seemed to want to  complain abt her life, didnt seem interested in doin anythin else. A bundle of laiughs lol. Thought she might have changed when saw her in town, but clearly she hasnt. Sad really, but I cant really help her as she wont help herself. Saving heaps of moneyBY NOT SMOKING bUT it all seems to get spent one way or another. At least I was able to treat myself last week to a lap top for doing a month of not smoking. Next treat will be doin up the garden - already looking at various plants, just have to save the cash for the next month. Hoping my nicotine cravings dont come back, am prepared for them to because this has all seenmed a bit to easy this time around. Hardest part was taking that initial first step and putting out my last ciggarettte. I rember I kept thinking I could buy one more pack and then  quitafter that pack. It Might be time to look at cutting back on thes sugar/junk food soon now that I am getting comfortable with being a non smoker. Trying to pick 1 battle at a time so it doesnt ALL GET To much