By mysticangel

A Lesson Learned In Over Confidence...

Things were going along great, no cravings for a month or so, then after 2 months they got me, intense cravings, I thought I had this, I was wrong!!
Without even giving it a thought I found myself smoking a cigarette. Like a robot, just going back to old habits w/o a second thought.
This is a great big lesson for me in being way too confident, putting myself in dangerous situations before Im really ready, thinking I am.
On a positive note, after not smoking for 2 months the taste was gross, I didnt enjoy it at all, I thought there was gonna be this great inhale and I was gonna go ahhhhhhh yes this is what I missed right here, it wasnt like that at all, it was nasty tasting and this morning Im paying for it with a sore throat and chest.
Watch out! Dont be too sure of yourself too soon.
Yes, it can be tricky sometimes and it is a lesson in being mindful. I think the reason I had smoked so long is because smoking allowed me to turn my mind off. It was a kind of punishment for not working on gaining perfection. Ugh! I can see clearly now; still not easy but I can see it for what it is now.
I wonder if thats true for most of us beachy001, cigs gave me something to do when I was bored, kept my mind off problems and things and just generally gave me something to do.
Yes true for me. Guess in reality, it's good to be a little bored sometimes and we can be creative to get our mind off our problems. I'm really happy though that the addiction no longer rules me.