By cdimezza

Has Anyone Switched To Vaping?

Has anyone switched to Vaping?  What are your thoughts on this?

I vaped for the first 3-4 months of my quit. I was able to gradually reduce the nic to zero, then quit altogether. A big part of my habit was the hand-mouth movement and I think vaping is most helpful for that. I never understood how gum or patches could be an alternative, but others do. I think it's worth a chance. Good luck.
In the car! I bought a cheap one and use nicotine free juice. I'm not thrilled w it, but it helps w the hand to mouth fidgeting. ☺️
Thank you for the comments. The ritualistic aspect of smoking to me is always the toughest. But as with anything, I imagine time will heal that as well.
I'm going to try a cinnamon stick this week bc my vaping could become a habit, too.
....& I really do not want another habit! 😂