By oliscot

Anyone Else Had QUIITZA Not Count Asny Of The Days They Signed In For The Queest???

I have signed up for the quitza challenge quest. I have signed in religiously every day and cpommonted plus signed the NOPE pledge each dsay. Howver the record is claiming have missed one day of the NOPE pledge and not commented for one day, which is rubbish! Anyone else had this problem??? Tried contacting quita and havent had an answer from them!!
Yes, Ive had it happen, but as long as " I" know, thats all that matters really. I just wanna be smoke free.
Does thqat mean I wont get the reward at end of the month then? Wont waste my time if thtds the case :)
I didn't sign up for the challenge but they send the rewards. I try to sign pledge everyday but probably have missed a few times.