By donovan2

A Good, Deep Breath... And Enjoying It

It's been a year and three months since my last cigarette. Now I have mostly forgotten what it was like to smoke. I was so fearful of what I would do instead of smoke, now I barely think of it. The only time I do is usually when I walk by a "no smoking" sign, or by someone hacking and smoking, or by someone who reeks of stale smoke, or I'm waiting in line behind someone who is counting out pennies to buy that expensive killer pack. Yea, I take a long, deep, wonderful breath and enjoy it. Thanks for the continued support. And for those just starting and struggling, you will eventually wonder why you didn't do it years ago.    :)
I cant wait till Im where you are!
Wish I was an ex-smoker who now hated the smell of smoke. It still smells wonderful to me when I walk by someone who is smoking. Don't get me wrong... I feel sorry for that person who is still addicted, but the smell is still delicious.