By catsndogs

Need All The Help I Can Get

If you guys do pray, I could sure use it....
You CAN do this... learn all you can about this addiction so you'll know how to manage your quit - educate yourself about the addiction and the mind games it plays on us.... read, read,read for a successful quit... the more you read, the easier the process becomes. CHOOSE to quit smoking with a full commitment, not a hope it works. Educate yourself by reading these links that most of us have used to help us quit and STAY quit! This is about making a decision to never put another cigarette in your mouth, mean it, and be dedicated to follow through on that decision. Also allow NO excuses and hang in there for as long as it takes, no matter how uncomfortable you become. This is about re-learning your life WITHOUT cigarettes.... start changing your normal routine, because a smoker's routine revolves around cigarettes. You CAN do this!
Thanks you guys! No craving's...just thoughts!! I'm still going strong!!! I praise God !!
Sending positive thoughts. You can do it
Thank you!! still going strong!!
Thank you Jesus!
Sending those prayers and good vibes your way