By oliscot

No Longer A Slave

For 16 years I was a voluntary slave. Nicotine had me completely under its control and it was my master. I accepted this with almost no fight/resentment.  I would wake first thing in the morning and have a cigarette before anything else usually. I would chain smoke throughout the day when ever I could. Throughout the day I would constantly crave cigarettes, and count the minutes down until when I could have one if I was in a situation where I couldn't smoke. Even when I was smoking I rarely felt truly satisfied. After putting out a cigarette I would even contemplate lighting another.  it would be only be an hour at the most before I started craving another one, and would have to stop what ever I was doing to waste 10 minutes on something that brought me no pleasure, and was slowly killing me! 

Several times I have tried to escape my slavery to nicotine. But each time, sooner or later,  it has managed to get me to come  back and voluntarily put my chains back on like a good little slave!How weak/pathetic can you get???

One friday 24th Feburary 2017 I took off my chains and kicked nicotines arse for the last time by stubbing out my final ciggarette. Next time I get the urge to scratch the annoying little itch that nicotine withdrawal brings about I will remember this post, and my vow to never let something as silly as nicotine control me again. I will also remember that scratching will not make it go away, nor will it bring any real sense of pleasure. I will look forward to a brighter future of better health/fitness, and freedom from the chains of such a pathetic thing. FUCK YOU NICOTINE! I am no longer your slave, and I will NOT be coming back this time!
Nicotine is some powerful SHIT! But its not powerful enough to beat us if we just dont fall the messages in our head telling us just one wont hurt!