By shultz

Really Do Not Want To Put On Weight

How many of you have gained weight since you quit? I really.cant afford the extra weight
Quitting smoking has to be the first priority. Worry about the weight gain after you're well into your quit. Unless it's a health issue.
I did. Buit if you are sensible and dont indulge in fatty/suragry foods yuou shoudnt put on to much. If you feel you HAVE to eat more to help cope with stopping smoking eat more fruits and veggies like carrot sticks/cucuimbers etcx. Also make surte you get plenty of exercise. Ulitmately if you put on a few more killos thats not end of the world as you can always loose them through exercise ()
5 lbs. but now that i realize i can do anything - im working on taking it off.
I gained 4ibs, quitting smoking doesn't have to make you fat.
Too bad we werent as concerned about our smoking as we are now about gaining weight!
Gained. 15 pounds. Im now ready to get rid of those pounds! From the research I did when I quit, I kept reading that some weignt gain is normal because evidently your body as a smoker metabolizes faster than that of a non-smoker. I dont know.....but I did see that in more than just one place off research.