By shultz

I Cannot Believe How Terrible My Skin Is Again

Omg another bad skin rant....I cannot believe how terrible my skin is again!!!it was beautiful for a week now it's all jacked up again smh..I didn't know Stop Smoking would have such a negative effect on my skin...I just want to cry
It's not negative... your fabulous body is still getting rid of the toxins and that's a wonderful sign. Also remember this problem is temporary - your beauty will shine through very soon!
it could be a combination of things, but I am sorry you are going thru this, but if you had great skin while smoking every day then maybe there are still some toxins hanging around that have to come out ... but even if that is the case, the rest of your body is NOT better off smoking and looking pretty in a casket is not worth starting up for and ruining the rest of your body and your life... guess I weigh it out that way, and hope this does not let the addiction sneaky jerk tell you that you are not doing the right thing!!! Staying quit is ALWAYS the right thing.... hang in there, it WILL get better !!
It's not not smoking,....
Many reasons what it might be,, diet, health, ???
drink plenty of water to flush the nastys out and eat watery fruits and veggies to stay hydrated.
Stay hydrated.
I didn't have this issue until I quit smoking....thanks for all the Encouragement N.O.P.E...even all broke out lol
It will pass. Keep quitting
Hang on in there Shultz...You are beauty is in the inside and will shine through !!!
Its just hormones
A couple of weeks after I quit, I went to get my hair colored/cut. Stylist said my hair was falling out...from the roots...never before. Maybe stress??? Seems to have stopped.