By havetoquit

Okay, I've Quit Smoking. What's Next?

Okay, I've quit smoking. What's next? Got to have a plan. Got to have an agenda. Idle hands are the Devil's workshop. Really? Really?? If you're not moving forward, you're moving backward. Okay, better. If you're quitting you are so awesome in my book but you've got to be ready 'cause it's going to get even more awesome. That's just the way it is. Awesomeness just runs in our blood. You're not quitting just to be quitting, you know. You've got something else up that sleeve, something only you can talk about. Look at you, how you've grown; how I've grown, how we've grown as a community. I was at Death's door, banging to be let in. No brag, just fact, my friend. Depressed? Hell no, not me. That's so Yesterday. I'm having too much fun and making too many plans.... How about you....??
Im having a great time, over 45 years stinkin of cigarette smoke, now I just smell like baby powder, lol
My plan will to live life to the fulllist without them nasty things
Now I will be around to see my grandaughter grow up
I'm loving the skin I'm in. Feeling better than ever and looking forward to the future!
My life is filling with new plans too... it was stagnant before quitting!
I'm eating too. So far I've gained 1.4 stone but it's okay since I'm losing the anxiety. When I reach a year in my quit then I will look at what's next.