By jazzyjan411

I Beat A Very Strong Morning Crave

Got up this morning knowing it might be rough.  Well it surely was. First thought was I don't have any cigarettes. Well I am sure like many I was a tried and true morning smoker. So I did make my morning coffee and say in my same chair and thought to myself that I can do this. Just relax and go with the flow. The thought of a cigarette lingered in my mind but I knew that I had taken the nope pledge for the day and I must hold myself accountable. So I finished my cup of coffee got dressed and headed out the door. The weather was so beautiful and the fresh air and sunshine did wonders for my thoughts of wanting a cigarette. Along the way several strangers stopped to talk to me. These things are just the distraction I needed this morning. One disturbing thing I was aware of was my shortness of breath. Of course I am out of shape. Can not remember the last time I took off on an early morning jaunt. But I must admit it felt really good even with the shortness of breath. Any other time I would have smoked a few cigarettes by now. So I have decided that a nice morning walk will be a part of my morning agenda from now on. I am proud that I was able to fight off a major crave and realize it didn't kill me. Just a very unpleasant feeling that will eventually just go away. I learned today how important distraction is. I seen to not have much energy but the little bit of exercise did help. I have not noticed other changes as of yet but know that as I remain focused and diligent they will come. I plan to take it easy today and maybe watch a few movies. So as I sit here with a big glass of ice water I am going to read others posts and reflect on what lies ahead. I will continue to give myself pep talks and remain strong. Getting close to closing in on one day down and that to me is so exciting. Baby steps. I also stopped at the gas station and picked up some gum. The urge to but a pack was strong but that nope pledge that I took really does hold me accountable. So forward I go. I cannot reach the end of this journey without a beginning. I am on my way. 
YOU GO jazzyjan YOU GOT THIS!!!!
Ty going strong