By otcogoto

Old Habits Die Hard. But They Do Die

Old habits die hard. Several days ago, I was on an extended road trip. I grabbed a Twizzler. Without thinking, I cracked the window as I stuck the licorice in my if I about to light a cigarette! Ugh. Damn demon.
Otcogoto.... I smoked 38 years and after 20 months I am still reaching for my top pocket where my cigarettes was when I get stressed or worked up...Yes, old habits die hard but the do...!!
Lol well at lease it was a licorice at lease you saved your quit
For sure! Man, cigarettes are just so nasty!
sometimes I crack the window without realizing I've even done it
Old habits die hard, atleast that's all that's dying these days
I have to drive with the windows cracked...
When Im on the computer I still reach for the burning cigarette in the ashtray that isnt there
I smiled as i read this. Nice post
I kept reaching into my pocket, too. Seems to have stopped now. Hypnotist said this is very common. Those vile cigarettes had/have us acting like trained seals. Quitting is easy compared to staying quit...I've done it 10 times. I'm so afraid.