By jazzyjan411

And So Begins The Journey

I have been smoking so long that at times I have thought why bother. Why would I want to leave someone who goes every where I go. My friend. Always there when you need him. Two peas in a pod me and my friend. Well my friend got to get on my nerves but by then too late to dump him. Oh I tried and tried but everytime I got rid of him I would eventually miss him and let him back in. I always thought he made me feel good. You know always there when you needed or wanted him. He followed me everywhere. As time went on and I began to realize my friend was not making me feel good for some reason. My looks were changing. Wrinkled up face dry skin yellow fingers changes in my hair. Then I started weezing coughing and noticing that there were times I had little energy or motivation to do anything except spend time with my friend. He controlled me. He cost me money. If he wasn't around I had to find a way to keep him around. Well I could cut back on groceries. Do I really need a new coat or some new shoes. Oh no. I needed my friend more than those things. Then one day I started to realize the control he really had on me. Here I was sacrificing all just to keep him around.  And the day comes when I finally saw how little I got back from my so called friend. Fast forward to now. All my friend has left me with is a horrible cough shortness of breath and horrible thoughts that I may one day die from some disease my so called friend gifted me with. Well I finally get it. My friend is not a friend. He is a killer who wants to kill me. After leaving him behind today I actually am breathing a hugh sigh of relief. I always hear it's never to late to quit. Yes I am rather excited to start this journey and stand strong and powerful against that so called friend. I want freedom and am willing to do whatever it takes to keep him out of my life. Will it be hard. Sure nothing worth fighting for is easy but oh so worth it. And so I am prepared for the fight to come and I intend to come out the winner. I know now that I am an addict. A nicotine addict. I think more of myself right now than I think of a paper tube filled with poison. I made up my mind today is the day that I win. Dumping that so called friend was the best decision I have made in along time. I face the fact today that I am an addict...a nicotine addict. So goodbye so called friend. I sure will not miss the hold you had on me. Somewhere down the road I will forget I knew you. Until then beware cause I am going to fight you with all my might. Today is the beginning of a whole new life. Why?  Because today I became a non smoker
Jazzyjan...Welcome and excellent post...You are ready to quit and know that you are going to mourn the loss of your friend....It will be as intense as the loss of a family member.....But stay strong and fight against this nasty companion whom will come knocking at your door continuously….!
Ty for the great advice. I look forward to sharing my journey with you
Do you know the saying, " The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing us he doesnt exist?" The greatest trick the tobacco companies played on us was convincing us there was no definitive proof that smoking causes cancer? And smoking was "COOL"