By imaquitter

Hello Fellow Quitters!! Come Check Out The Vape Showcase In March!

I'm stoked to have found this site, just like I'm stoked to not rely on cigarettes any more. I wish I could be a bada$$ and say I did it cold turkey, with no help, but that's just not true!

I'm sure that I'm not the only person around here who put down cigs and picked up a vape pen.

I'm no "vApElYfE" bro, by any means, but I do enjoy a few puffs from the pen from time to time. Are there any other Vapers in here?

I ask because I'm getting a crew of people together in Atlanta in MArch, to go to The Vape Showcase, which is basically a huge vape convention and tradeshow. Advocacy and education are the name of the game with vaping, and I hope you guys can make it out there with me!

It's being held on March 25th & 26th at Atlanta Expo Center South, in Georgia. 

For more information:
For me, I cant vape cuz I know I would eventually go right back to smoking