By notasmok

I Cannot Give In, I Will Not Give In

Okay so I don't know what is going on but this morning I woke up thinking damn why do I have the need to want to SMOKE!! I am guessing it has to do with my mix feelings of loosing a Loved One.. And I am not going to the viewing or service.. Feeling the anxiety building up inside of me.. And yes I would smoke my head off crying and all that goes with loosing a loved one.. If it was not a 4 hour drive I would be there.. But the long drive an yes a lot of people an drama no thank you.. I can't handle all that anymore.. Even if I was still a Smoker!! So I been walking in the yard doing deep breathing!! Here is to save my Quit!! I will not Smoke!! I can't give in!!
It's a temporary thought and it's NOTHING to be afraid of. These thoughts were brought out by your emotions so feel your emotions Effie. You're human and will feel sad and may need to cry... that's what we do. Smoking WAS and old reaction to things like this but not anymore. Realize it's going to be a sad day and look for comfort with your family. Prayers of healing and strength for you!
Remember how far you have come. Also, the cig won't help with the anxiety, stay busy, get your mind off of it.
You got this stay strong we just have to always remind are self that smoking doesn't solve problems just make us stinky and be proud of yourself for sticking to smoke free life
N.O.P.E, not Worth giving up your quit for this, and I'm sure your loved one would not want that either.. maybe light a candle in remembrance of the person...or something to honor the person ... Glad You came here before the alternative Effie, You have and Will Continue to succeed. .. losing someone is a hard thing, but smoking Def won't fix it, but Here's A Giant Cyber Hug to U!!!!!