By foxwolf

Struggling Right Now I Can Do This

really craving right now. Need gas in the car but waiting until after work. Don't want another temptation. Reading instead.
Very happy that you're reading to reinforce your decision - you'll have some craves but there's no need to fear them or feel bad. And now, it's not whether to smoke or not, it's what to do instead until the thought goes away!
Btw, NEVER go to the gas station where you used to buy cigs - they know your brand and will have them ready for you... just go to a different gas station AND pay outside. Don't go in!
Drink water, take deep breaths, a mint... Delay and distract!
You can do this, Shelly. Believe that because so many others have done it and all you need to do is follow our path. Stay strong and stay close.
Dont let the nicotine monster win!