By shadow88fans

Week 2 In Progress Nope Nope

Here are the best 8 things that happen to anyone who hasn’t smoked for two weeks:

 1.  The lungs start to self-heal.

Hours after quitting smoking today, expect that your lungs will be more than happy to repair themselves and save you from the danger of cancer and other serious disease that’s likely to affect it.

In two weeks, your lungs would have removed a considerable amount of tar and toxins brought by smoking.

 2.  Blood pressure goes down.

According to the American Cancer Society, a smoker’s blood pressure goes down just after 20 minutes of quitting smoking.

Imagine how stable your BP will be in just two weeks of not smoking!

 3.  Oxygen flow is restored.

The flow of oxygen, which is controlled by blood circulation, is a critical biological process that when disrupted, could lead to serious health conditions such as heart attack and stroke.

The toxins from smoking block the oxygen from passing through the veins and reaching the brain.

After several hours of quitting smoking, you will notice a great improvement in your breathing.

Within two weeks, the flow of oxygen in your body would have gone back to normal.

 4.  Carbon monoxide leaves the body.

Carbon monoxide is a very dangerous compound that takes the place of oxygen in your body. (That’s why smokers are continually tired, lethargic and depleted of energy).

But with a few hours after quitting, this chemical leaves your body.  And is replaced with pure, clean oxygen, which in turn increases energy levels within the body.

 5.  Lung capacity increases.

After 15 days, the tiny hair-like structure in the lungs called cilia continues to wash away the toxins from cigarettes. Because of this, lung capacity increases significantly.

You are less likely to experience smoker’s cough and doing physical activities is less likely to make you grasp for air to breathe.

 6.  Body odor improves.

Smokers don’t normally realise this but their odour stinks. Sorry for being so blunt, but thats the grim reality of it!

This fowl order is due to some chemical compounds that when burnt, leave an unpleasant smell in the skin, clothes, and breath.

As the body detoxifies, the bad smell will go away.

 7.  The health of skin improves.

Smoking prevents the nutrients from the blood to reach the skin, leaving it dry, wrinkled and ugly.

After two weeks of quitting smoking however, the skin starts to revive its natural youthful glow.

 8.  Sense of taste and smell gets better.

Some nicotine stays in your tongue, teeth and lips which hinder you from experiencing the real taste of the food you eat. This is why many smokers have high taste preferences (too much salty or too much sweet). Even the sense of smell is affected by smoking.

In two weeks of not lighting up, you will enjoy your meals more… and your perfume or cologne as well!
Im enjoying walking more cuz i can actually breathe