By shadow88fans

Tips To Stay Free From Cigarettes

Control the situations that you can control. You will reduce the number and intensity of those urges and have energy to fight unexpected urges. Never let an urge get out of control. Remember you must stop it in the early stages!

Get up on the opposite side of the bed this week
Change the order of your morning routine
Take a different route to work
If you normally smoke in the car try to ride with nonsmokers
Have a plan for the time you spend in your car
If you always smoke at the kitchen table don’t sit at the kitchen table
If you always smoke in your favorite easy chair don’t sit in that chair
If you normally smoke on the telephone, limit your calls. Have something close by that you can pick up to keep your hands occupied when you need to talk on the phone.
Rearrange your furniture at home or in your office.
Eat lunch in a non-smoking area with other non-smokers.
Take your breaks in a new location. Try a quick walk around the building.
Spend more time in parts of your home or work place where you can’t smoke.
Avoid places where you will be exposed to cigarette smoke and tempted by other smokers.
Change your radio station.
Change your TV station.
If you normally read the paper and have a cigarette, change the time of day and place that you read the paper.