By foxwolf

It Will Be Great Now To Be Able To Socialize Without Having To Go Outside

I'm going to friends house for dinner and there will two other couples there that we have been friends with for years. None of them smoke I was the only idiot . It will be great now to be able to socialize without having to go outside to smoke then coming back in smelling like a toxic waste dump!
awesome job and I hope you have a wonderful time tonight!
Congratulations have a great time
Well done. Have a nice eve.
That is such a great feeling. I always worried about smelling like smoke. I never smoked in public, I was afraid someone would see me, so when I went out, I couldn't wait to get home or figure out where I was going to go hide and smoke. I resisted hugs from people because I was afraid they would smell it on me. I was a prisoner to my addiction. My close friends know I was a smoker, they are smokers.. Now I need to see how convicted I am in my decision to quit next time we hang out. It will be tough I'm sure.