By shadow88fans

Here's To Our New Lives As Non-Smokers

After quitting smoking your lungs will need a good cleansing. They are full of toxins and tar that can lead to respiratory disease and failure of the lungs. Knowing how to detox your lungs will further help prevent smoking related disease and help you live longer.
Increase your fluid intake – As soon as you put out your very last cigarette, replace them with lots of fluids. This will help flush out carcinogens and toxins from your body. To increase your fluid intake, every time you want a cigarette have something healthy to drink instead.
Lower your intake of sugar and salt – Try to cut down unhealthy foods, excess sugar, and salt. This will give your body extra strength to rebuild healthy tissues.
Try doing yoga – Yoga is a good exercise and centered around breathing deeply. Work on yoga breathing that opens up and expands the lungs.
Switch to "all-natural" household cleaners – While you are clearing the smoke from your air, clear the chemicals too. Try to use all-natural household cleaners to improve the air quality of your home. This will also help your lungs heal quicker