By shadow88fans

Day 2 Tips Greatly Appreciated

You’re on day two of being cigarette-free. You may have had few symptoms of withdrawal yesterday, but now that the nicotine is exiting your system, you’re starting to experience more intense symptoms. Yesterday, you were able to get through the day with little trouble other than missing having a cigarette between your fingers. Because you’ve set a New Year’s resolution to quit smoking, you need to rely on others to help you through this harder second day.
Because the nicotine in your cigarettes has been slower leaving your body, you didn’t feel many physical symptoms on your first cigarette-free day. You may have thought that quitting wouldn’t be so hard after all and you went to bed feeling relatively good.

You may have had some trouble staying asleep during the first night after you smoked your final cigarette. According to the Lung Association of Saskatchewan, the drug nicotine has an effect on your brain wave functions. Your sleep patterns may begin to change and you could experience vivid dreams when you do sleep.
The psychological symptoms you may feel on this second day include mood swings and outbursts of anger. Admit to feeling angry, but try not to lose your temper. If you do, you’ll begin to feel increased cravings for a cigarette. Instead, express yourself regarding the situation that is inciting your anger. While you’re having these feelings, breathe deeply or go for a walk if you can. 

You may begin to feel depressed or have feelings of despair. This is normal. Find someone to talk with who can help you see that you’re doing something good for your health.