By havetoquit

N.O.P.E, Not One Puff Ever!

People say, I Can't do this I have to much stress blah blah blah,,, Newsflash, YES You Can, the question is, Do you want to??? More than anything??? .. Throw away all the smoking stuff, Buckle up and get ready for the best ride of ur life... Read and educate on this addiction, (some excellent files to read on the homepage ) .. Become part of this Group.. We will help you thru,,, And COMMIT!!!, Believe NOTHING Good Comes from Smoking, NOTHING,,, it's a deadly addiction that destroys your very existence, DEATHSTICK That's all they are, taking your life and your money!!!, N.O.P.E, Not One Puff Ever!!!!!!,
Tell it like it is, Tina. Love your post!
Couldnt have said it better myself!