By shadow88fans

Tips To Stay Free From Cigarettes Day 1

	You’re going to think a lot about cigarettes today. Just be aware of this ahead of time. Let the thoughts come into your mind. Big deal. Don’t deny their existence. Let them come in, sit down and complain for a minute and then show them the door. They’ll show up a lot at first, and then their visits will become fewer and farther between.
	If the thoughts don’t leave right away, get up and do something. Just stay active. Drink tons of water and keep it up all day long. Take a walk. Stay on the move.
	As you head into the day, remember that life’s not going to be different just because you stop smoking. Your first day of quitting smoking will bring with it the same surprises and unexpected events like any other day. The bus might not come. Or the boss might be mad. But what you’ll discover is that smoking never got rid of any of these stresses anyway. Not once. Not ever. Smoking never made the next bus come sooner.
	Once you get some quit time under your belt, you’ll begin to realize that, yeah, you missed the bus, and your boss is a jerk and…life goes on. And you’ll do it all without a cigarette. You can survive your first day of quitting smoking
We all survived!