By smithson7

Less Energy Than Expected

I'm bitterly disappointed because I thought I would have a lot more energy but I feel worse than I did when I smoked I have no energy I'm all shaky and my chest is tight and I can barely breathe! Has anyone else experienced this?
it does get better I promise. You are going through withdrawal . Your body is showing it.
Patience will go a long way in smoothing out the ride. Congrats on your Quit .. you are doing beautifully.
Yes, what you are experiencing is Normal,,, the junk is leaving your body, your body is going thru changes, everything is not roses when we first start out, after many years of smoking damage, it take a little but to feel better. But feel better You WILL.
It will pass promise. Hang in there
We didnt get here from one day of smoking, for me it was 46 years of smoking and for the first week or so I had to pay the price for my stupidity but I feel SOOOOO SOOOOOO good now and glad I did this!!