By threeblue

Panic Attacks Are Annoying Me

i'n not having cravings , but the anxiety is getting the best of me. Don't know if i should call my family doctor or not . i refuse to pick up cigs again
Panick attatcks are not fun at all, very debilitating to some,, atleast they were to me!!! ACKNOLEDGE what it is, you can't run from it, face it and know U will be ok.. in the begining extra endomorphines increasing the adrenaline in us,,, Hang in there, take a walk, do something, it will back off...
Many things to help with it, yoga, staying busy, but often times medicine might be needed.
I remember the horrible anxiety, just stick with it. Around 21 days the anxiety almost goes entirely away and the empowerment begins to take over...I'm almost at a year, you got this!
I've had it my entire life. Smoking actually increased it. And I have meds for as needed.
I have coffee hard candy everywhere...if i get a,craving, or anxiety it usually helps..if