By joyfuldaze

I Was A Smoker For 60% Of My Entire Life...

I am 40 years of age and I smoked for 24 years which means I was a smoker for 60% of my entire life. That is quite scary but I now intend to reduce that figure for the remaining part of my life. It works out like this - When I turn 48, I will have smoked for 50% of my life. When I reach 60, I will have smoked for 40% of my life and if I am lucky enough to reach the age of 80, I will have only smoked for 30% of my life. And now that I have quit smoking there is a good chance I will reach that age and be very happy that I only smoked for less than a 1/3 of my entire life. 
If you want to find out the percentage of your life that you smoked, simply divide the number of years you smoked by your age and multiply the result by 100. 
Stupid us.....I am worse off @ 65%....!!!