By sugarcube

Help With Stress And Quitting?

Is there tips for stress? Stress is a big trigger for me. Thanks
Stress is a big trigger for everyone the thing is after awhile you realize the stress doesn't really go away if you smoke it doesn't change anything in your life find a new way I meditate when I'm stress or long walk deep breathing everyone deals with things differently we have to learn N.O.P.E hope this helps
I take a deep breath, drink water, take a walk, or turn the shower on and use Vicks vapor rub with a deep breath
Smoking made my stress worse because of the increased heart rate, blood pressure elevation and just making me feel even worse in general
All of these tips are interchangeable. Read, color, exercise, take a walk, make a phone call, take deep breaths, meditate. Take your pick. Stay close to this group!
Smoking a cigarette because you are stressed doesn't help with the problem at all, I found this out myself, all it does is help with the stress of not having a cigarette
Accepting Life on life's terms,,, that's life, deep breathes, meditation if u do that, life will ALWAYS HAPPEN how we respond is what makes or breaks us x
Thank you all very much.