By foxwolf

I Never Thought I'd Become That Person

I never thought I'd become that person that was such a rabid non smoking advocate, but affter being ruled and destroyed by my addiction to cigarettes, that day has arrived. I cannot imagine justifiication for having that one puff or starting up again with the immediate :so-called reward of that smoke!! It is NOT your friend, will not calm you down, and no crave or jittery feeling of your body screaming out for what will make you sick, not be able to breathe, and take you to the path of death and destruction is worth listening to!! Truly need to face this is an addiction and needs to be cleared from our lives and no different than detox from any other very dangerous drug, and cigarettes ARE a dangerous drug!! Sorry for the rant, but I keep seeing all the damage from my friends on here and the people giving in to craves and starting up again, and I have profound sadness !! Wake up!! Don't smoke and use every tool on this page including reading everything from all our beautiful souls that are and are not succeeding, and get the plan together that works for you... you are worth it, and you deserve to live and breathe smoke free!! I have not had one puff since dec 4, and I am beyond grateful for all the help from this group
Well said,!
Yes, Very Well said, N.O.P.E
The only thing I am battling with is that why it take us so long to come to this understanding of how damaging Cigarettes are....I still can not forgive myself for battering my body with that poisen for so many years..
Chew gum. Watch a move. Keep busy
The writing is on the wall
So grateful to be free from addiction!