By topcases

Got Some Real Bad News Today

Got some real bad news today and the urge to smoke today with the added stress has been severe. My spouse smokes so I have access to cigarettes. But I did not do it. I have removed myself from her when she is smoking and used all my coping tips. I had the pack in my hand at one point but put it down. Logically I know that smoking won't change the situation we are going through. I am using a patch still. So it is the just mental habit mostly at this point. The urge to do it. it is harder. But I expected that. And the added stress today we are facing. I'm trying. It is so hard.
It really gets better you will find your new stress relief mine is meditate or long walk listening to music what ever it takes just remember N.O.P.E you can do this
wow .. you've really held on !! Good for you ---- it'll get easier .. It's like a love affair that has ended maybe --- but bec the object of your affection is a Real Home Wrecker know Deeply that you are better off having no association w it any longer ... No pining for anything that wants to make us sick .. stay close. You are doing beautifully.
it takes time to change our thinking and habitual habits,,, You are doing GREAT u r fighting thru the craves, using coping techniques, reaching to the group xxx You got this,,, not to mention smoking will definitely hinder ur recovery for sure.
keep plowing through, like you have been with three days of success.
Good job keeping the quit! Some days will be tough but we've gotten this far and deserve to remain free.
Wow, congrats!